How to Be a Successful Fitness Business Owner

So, you want to strike it big in the fitness industry? You want to be the next big coach, trainer, nutritionist, or online guru? Get in line! With the explosion of fitness celebrities on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, and with the popularity of weight training and clean eating, it seems like everyone who has ever set foot in a gym feels qualified to give advice.


It’s a saturated market, for sure, but don’t let that discourage you. If all you have to offer is the same as every other gym rat and know-nothing trainer, then you won’t be going anywhere. But that’s not you, right? With some genuine passion, knowledge and experience, and with a lot of hard work and sound business skills, you can make an honest living as a fitness professional. Instead of the usual unrealistic BS about making millions after your first few years in the business, here are eight actionable steps you can take to further your fitness career.

Justin Woltering is a fitness expert and author with more than 25 covers and 50 published articles. Justin has helped thousands of skinny guys all over the world get results with his Bigger Better Faster 2.0 Program . In addition, he has been featured on TV and in national magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health, and ESPN.Read more