How NOT to Start a Gym Business

David Cross
Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells

Grand talk, bold aspirations, youthful exuberance, and an abundance of boundless enthusiasm. With the drive and determination of the underdog, ready to challenge and beat the huge franchise gyms in their own backyard. This was our chance, our time, bring it on.


david cross, south africa gym, capetown gym, evo fitness south africaIt’s now two and a half years since my business partner and I opened to the doors to our dream gym, Evo Fitness. The aspirations and motivation we had at the start are still there, but they’ve taken a severe beating along the way. So much has been learnt, and so many of our cock ups could have been prevented with more planning, more thinking, and a little less gung ho bravado and dick swinging.


We paid the price the hard way. Take heed, and pay attention. Basics often get forgotten in the heat and excitement of the moment. Take a step back from the brink, reassess, then reassess again.


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A career as a coach or trainer is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow, and re-invent yourself.


You don’t get to pick the problems you solve because everyone who you come across is different: Different genders, ages, fitness levels, disposable time, disposable income, and almost always unsure of their commitment.


Here on Coaches Only we update the content regularly, we go in lots of different directions, and we engage with experts in all walks of life so long as they help coaches and trainers in pursuit of a fulfilling career.


There are no simple answers to how to be a good pro. No one can sell your services for you. There is no silver bullet for success.



That’s why you should sign up, be present, and when the opportunity arises, also take the initiative to contribute to the conversation.


Coaches Only is for independent coaches and trainers who believe in the value of their work and have a love of this industry.


Coaches Only is for professionals who strive to make a career that lasts, has impact, and rewards people who work hard at it.



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