How NOT to Start a Gym Business


Grand talk, bold aspirations, youthful exuberance, and an abundance of boundless enthusiasm. With the drive and determination of the underdog, ready to challenge and beat the huge franchise gyms in their own backyard. This was our chance, our time, bring it on.


david cross, south africa gym, capetown gym, evo fitness south africaIt’s now two and a half years since my business partner and I opened to the doors to our dream gym, Evo Fitness. The aspirations and motivation we had at the start are still there, but they’ve taken a severe beating along the way. So much has been learnt, and so many of our cock ups could have been prevented with more planning, more thinking, and a little less gung ho bravado and dick swinging.

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Cape Town-based British expat and Strength and Conditioning coach David Cross, with his passion for strength, nutrition and transforming lives, devotes his time to the physical wellbeing of each one of his clients in his privately owned strength facility. David’s life in corporate finance, fast talking, and unhealthy eating came to a drastic halt when he committed himself to a complete lifestyle reconstruction, after finding the person staring back at him in the mirror not the person he wished...Read more