Horton FAIL, Waxman SMASH: How Sean Waxman Helped Me See the Light


You will never disagree with anyone in this world more than with yourself - your past self. Remember the political ideas you had when you were 21? Remember the people you dated in high school? Remember rat-tails? (I had one.)


nick horton, sean waxman, making mistakes, incredible hulk, weightliftingSome of your worst decisions weren't a big deal in hindsight. You were younger then, dumb, just getting started. It's to be expected that you weren't going to get it "right" the first time around. Some choices were horrible. You should have known better. You had the chance, and you chose badly. You knew damned well what you were doing was wrong, and you did it anyway. Now you look back with regret and shame. Most of your choices fall somewhere in the middle - not particularly bad, but not completely forgivable either.

Nick Horton is not your average Olympic Weightlifting coach. He's been practicing Zen meditation for over a decade and applies the lessons he's learned to both his coaching and to his writing. He is of the belief that your body follows your mind. If you don't train your mind, then you're not ever going to be as physically strong as you could have been otherwise. While his first major in college was music, Nick eventually switched to mathematics and loves math for the same reasons he loves...Read more