Going International: Nathan Webb of CrossFit Crescent

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

Nathan Webb is a Midwesterner who is now Head Coach and co-owner of CrossFit Crescent in Amman, Jordan. There, Nathan deals with a very different set of business practices and customs than in the U.S., including antiquated ideas about fitness, cultural and religious clothing challenges, and ubiquitous smoking.


I met Nathan years ago when he and his wife, Jessie, decided to “get in shape” for their wedding. A mutual friend and CrossFit enthusiast whom I had coached had suggested they come to me for training. Nathan and Jessie were, back then, uh…. Well, let’s say they had become generally unacquainted with most aspects of fitness. As Nathan tells it:


My childhood was not one filled with lots of sports and athletic activities. I played baseball when I was younger but fell out of the sport during high school for various reasons. I developed an interest in computers during high school and followed through with that interest in college by getting a degree in computer science. The downfall of all this was a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. I was always the bigger kid from a young age and sitting around in front of a computer all day just helped pack on the pounds.


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