Fitness Pros: How To Stay Motivated With Your OWN Training



As a personal trainer, former athlete, and full-time lover of all-things strength-related, I’ve had the great pleasure of going from a weak, pudgy kid, to a much stronger, leaner individual over the last eight to ten years. I became so obsessed with the processes involved in changing my body through consistent manipulation of training and dietary protocols that I decided to make it my profession.


JC Deen has been called the fitness consumers advocate, and it's for good reason. For the last three years, he's built up his backlog of No-BS articles on his site JCD Fitness , where fitness enthusiasts are saved daily from the fitness riffraff floating around on the Internet. He's been involved in athletics for over a decade, and now works as a personal trainer and fitness consultant to fitness enthusiasts and athletes all across the globe. JC has been featured in, more