Finding Clarity in your Coaching

Today I’m going to talk today abut finding clarity in your coaching practice.


Although the fitness business is a massive space to do business in, too many of us too often get caught up with the mechanics of the business. We get bent out of shape finding our niche, our target audience, or coming up with marketing copy. But the truth is, none of those details matters a whole lot when you get really clear on what it is that you bring to the table.

Chandler is a performance coach and movement educator. He's on a mission to empower physical freedom, helping active people who are stuck in a rut develop a personal practice to move better, get stronger, and find freedom in their bodies. Chandler is the sort of guy who is equally at home in a pile of books or swinging through tree branches. As a former research scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, he brings a systems-level approach to human movement. His teaching background...Read more