Don't Waste Money On Another Cert


I hope this article catches the eye of every young coach who is on a budget and contemplating where to invest their money when it comes to workshops or certifications. I know there's no way to completely avoid certifications. After all, we need them to distinguish ourselves from other coaches and to give us an air of expertise by having some initials after our name. I mean, perception is everything, right?


Of course, that's not right. No amount of letters after your name can take the place of genuine competence, experience, or expertise. The bad news is, there are countless certifications in the market right now, clamoring with offers of wisdom, expertise, or the secrets of [fill in the blank]. Back when I was starting out, things were fairly cut and dried. You had your few big hitters and perhaps a couple of little specialized certs; the level of confusion about picking which ones might be best for you was, at the time, minimal.

Chris Holder comes to Breaking Muscle with over thirty years as an athlete and coach. A football player first and then spending his entire professional coaching career at the college level, Holder has been in love with everything weight lifting since he was a little boy. Holder has an incredibly diversified training background that brings a unique product to his athletes. Known in many circles as a pioneer of kettlebell training at the college level, Chris opened the door in the early 2000s to...Read more