Don't be Year-End Roadkill

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

This is an article about Taxes, Holiday Marketing, Client Retention, and not going Deer-in-the-Headlights. You need this now, if any of those things are still on your to-do list.


There’s no Lame Duck session for us, no tapering, no de-load. The end of the year just zooms up, and here we are, caught in the headlights of the New Year. We have to move or be roadkill.


Take a breath. You’ve got to realize that things change for gym owners and trainers at this time of year. For a lot of the year, we live different lives than our clients and gym members. We live in a gym, we are always moving, learning, teaching, and we are constantly engaged in our business. Throughout most of the year, staying fit and focused may be occasionally difficult, but it’s nothing like this time of year. But now, during the Holiday season, many of us find we are in the same boat as our members and clients – dealing with the family, the shopping, the stress, and spending time in places and with people that challenge our healthy habits (and sometimes our sanity). That's enough, sometimes, to make you take your eye off the ball for a moment.


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A career as a coach or trainer is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow, and re-invent yourself.


You don’t get to pick the problems you solve because everyone who you come across is different: Different genders, ages, fitness levels, disposable time, disposable income, and almost always unsure of their commitment.


Here on Coaches Only we update the content regularly, we go in lots of different directions, and we engage with experts in all walks of life so long as they help coaches and trainers in pursuit of a fulfilling career.


There are no simple answers to how to be a good pro. No one can sell your services for you. There is no silver bullet for success.



That’s why you should sign up, be present, and when the opportunity arises, also take the initiative to contribute to the conversation.


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