Discounts Are Killing the Fitness Industry


This is a call to action. This is for all strength coaches, fitness professionals, gym owners, athletic trainers, and nutritional consultants who make up this special industry we’re all a part of. It’s time to cut the games. You are not making us look good, and I take that seriously.


I didn’t come into this industry to let people bring it down or be disrespected, devalued, and laughed at. I came into this industry knowing I could have been successful in many other industries that may be looked at as more “professional.”

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Tommy Baker grew up both in South America and in the Northeast United States. Moving back and forth while growing up playing sports, he noticed he couldn’t keep up with his competition upon coming back - athletes in the U.S. were bigger, faster, and stronger. This initial experience led him to investigate ways to train the human body efficiently, whether the goal was general physical preparedness or an athlete with a dedicated sport. Optimizing training, nutrition, and recovery became Tommy’s...Read more