Defining My "Perfect Client" - An Essential How-To for Trainers


My business manager keeps telling me that I need to write up who my perfect client is. It is important for trainers to know their perfect client. Identifying what kind of person you want to work with will help you enjoy your clients and, more importantly, create a situation where they bring out the best in you. Defining your ideal client will also help you fine-tune your service to better market yourself and get you paid what you deserve.


eva twardokens, eva t, perfect client, defining perfect client, businessSo, I decided to share my perfect-client-list-writing process with you. Looking back over the years of being a trainer, I realize my perfect clients are the ones who have been with me for a long time - more than five years. A time span like that helps to define the perfect client and is a resource that helps me recognize my future perfect clients.

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Eva T. is a two-time Olympian in Alpine Skiing (Albertville and Lillehammer ) and a twelve-year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team. She has won six National Championships, won a world Championship Bronze Medal, and is a World Technical Skiing Champion. She also is a Masters Weightlifting Champion. In 2011 she was inducted to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. She is now sharing her experiences from her athletic career and her knowledge in the Health and Fitness realm. As a sought after coach...Read more