CrossFit Gym Management: Programming Around the Open

CrossFit, Children's Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting

Programming for your gym around the Open is really tricky. You don’t know what’s coming out every Thursday night, so it’s hard to know exactly what you should program. That's five weeks you can't plan in advance, but have to confront a week at a time.


One way I approach this is to actually end my year’s programming cycles at the start of the Open. That way, I’m not locked into anything I may have to undo as the Open WODs come out. But it also means each week of the Open I still have to get the programming done quickly and in response each WOD announcement.


Figuring Out Each Week

When it comes to the weekly programming, the first weeks are trickiest. That’s because anything is possible in the Open WODs at that point. But, as things progress and WODs are completed, there are movements that you can fairly confidently know will not be repeated. Each movement presented in an Open WOD is a movement that’s unlikely to be repeated, especially the following week.


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