Consumers Like the Y, But Many Want to Switch

Dan Kallen
Director of Content, Coaches Only
Business, CrossFit

Despite all the TV advertising and billboards national-brand gyms shell out for, it turns out consumers prefer their local YMCA or YWCA over all other national gym chains. That's according to a recent study by MarketForce, conducted with more than than 2,700 consumers, each of whom reported having a gym membership with a national brand.


Study Findings

According to the Market Force study, Planet Fitness is number one in market share, with 27% of participants having memberships there. YMCA/YWCA and LA Fitness were in second and third, place, respectively. However, 25% of consumers reported that they are unhappy with their current gyms, and 10% say they are very likely to change gyms in the next 90 days. YMCA/YWCA customers are the least likely to switch, which is not surprising considering it is also turned out to be consumers’ favorite fitness center.


The Y Comes Out On Top Overall


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