Are You Running a Business That Has No Wages?


Running a business that has no wages bill. For many business owners who are only in it to make money, this is like a dream come true. They think, “I have a team of people working for me for nothing and I am charging clients for their time.”


business, crossfit business, opening a crossfit, new crossfit, gym businessFor many of you reading this article that statement may seem like nonsense. But this is and has been happening in some fitness careers for a long time. I’m not talking about apprenticeships or interning, I am talking about owners. People owning, opening, and operating a facility with a business model that will never see them earn a salary - ever.

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Tom is one of the owners of CrossFit Ireland , but he started out in the fitness industry by participating in CrossFit classes in a club-like setting and developing from there. A big fan of logic and facts he approaches everything from a outcome perspective. What are the real inputs and what are they creating in comparison to the desired response.Read more