Andrew Is Busy: How a Trainer Stays Fit Despite Working 30 Straight Days

Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning

Running your own business is always an interesting thing. There are times when you are just in cruise mode, but for me, over the last month or so, work has gone from busy to BUSY.


busy schedule, busy personal trainer, training around schedule, training planAs I’ve gotten busier I have had to make some changes to my own training to accommodate. Take November as an example. I do not have a single day off for the entire month, and every weekend is taken up with teaching courses. In addition, these weekend courses are three-day workshops, meaning I have to cram an entire week’s worth of work into the preceding four days each week. Not to mention going through the process of cleaning up after everyone, making sure manuals are printed, and finalizing all the other small bits and pieces that go into running a workshop.


Add onto that I’ve picked up some new high-profile personal training clients such as April Luu and professional triathlete Mitch Kibbey, and it’s obvious my free time has shrunk considerably. That’s meant once again reassessing my personal goals and making sure that while my business is taken care of, my physical fitness isn’t left to rot.


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