All Gyms are Neighborhood Gyms

If you have a small gym, you need to own your neighborhood. Here are a few reminders and tips for making sure you rule your ‘hood.


Are There Quarters at Your Feet?

I did a drill once, supposedly inspired by Navy SEAL training, where the instructor wanted us to practice quickly assessing our surroundings. He put us in the middle of a room, had us close our eyes, and then quietly put quarters at various places around the room. We were to open our eyes and quickly locate and count the quarters.

Dan is a seasoned marketing professional with a knack for being where things are happening. He helped open up the nascent southern California market as a corporate trainer for Starbucks when there were less than a dozen locations in Los Angeles, took up the banner of one of the first 100 CrossFit affiliates when no one had heard of it, and interviewed student protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989, right before the tanks rolled in. Dan has professional marketing experience with start-ups,...Read more