A Highly Effective Facebook Marketing Tactic for Fitness Professionals

James Breese
Business, Kettlebells

If you’re a fitness professional who owns your own business and is reading this article, the chances are your news feed is full of “Facebook Fitness Marketing Specialists” who can help you generate 200 new leads a week and promise you the world by turning your business into a $50,000 monthly marketing machine.


In fact, somebody new pops up every single day promising me this and offering that. As soon as I hide one, another one arises. All this because Facebook knows that I am a fitness professional and own my own business. Such is the power of Facebook and their pinpoint targeting capabilities. It really is like Big Brother watching.


The Purpose of Social Media

Now, I am not complaining about this system because it is the same system that helps me generate approximately 90% of my business and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without using these same capabilities. But it has come at one hell of an expense and a lot of trial and error.


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