5 Lessons You Don't Learn in PT School

Becoming a physical therapist requires a lot of formal education. We have to take an undergraduate and a master’s degree filled with anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, and psychology courses. Most of us are in school six or seven years. Then we finally come out of it excited and ready to use all the mad physio skills we learned.


It’s not until you’re out of the formal education system and working that you learn an important lesson: what we were taught in school barely scratches the surface. I hope it doesn’t sound like I am putting down formal education. As physios, we have a lot to learn in very little time. What I hope you get from this article is that there is so much more to it. Here are five lessons I’ve learned during my four years of working as a physical therapist.

Cassie is the lead physiotherapist at Taylored Training Fitness Studio in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where her goal is to change the way physiotherapy is done. Tired of hearing athletes complain about going to a therapist who gave old-school, boring (and often ineffective) exercises and put the client on a machine for twenty minutes, Cassie and the team at Taylored Training decided to do something about it. Cassie believes that physiotherapy should be hands-on, manual, and exercise-based, with...Read more