Why All Good Coaches Must Understand the Scientific Method

Bob Takano
Olympic Weightlifting

In the United States there is still a great deal of resistance toward requiring a science background as a pre-requisite for earning some type of coaching credential. There is a deep tradition in support of this belief that extends back many decades. Although most people can understand the relevance of a background in anatomy and physiology, few people understand the process of scientific reasoning that may well be the most valuable tool from a science education that can be applied to coaching. 


The Two Major Aspects of Science

The field of science can be divided up into two large blocks. The first is the body of knowledge of the empirical truths about the physical universe. This body is made up of facts determined as well as can be through a process loosely termed the scientific method. It is subject to change and modification as new information and technologies come to bear. 


The scientific method is of great value to coaches.


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