Understanding Periodization: A Brief Explanation for Coaches and Programmers

Amber Larsen
Gymnastics, CrossFit, Health, Biology

If you are a programmer for your box, understanding periodization is key to writing sound programming. It can help you avoid plateaus and properly plan sport-specific training. This article will give you a short explanation of periodization and how it applies to programming. But once you have an understanding, I encourage all programmers to seek out more information and study about periodization for your needs.


What Is Periodization?


Periodization refers to a planned progression of resistance exercises that intentionally varies the training stimuli, especially with respect to intensity and volume. Systematically changing the exercise variables appears to be more effective for attaining both strength development and peak performance than standard resistance training protocols. The advantage of periodization over non-periodized exercise programs is that the changing demands on the neuromuscular system require progressively higher levels of stress adaptations in the athlete’s body.


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