The Lowest Man Wins: 7 Keys to Hip Power and Mobility

Chris Holder
Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Martial Arts

I spent thirteen years playing offensive line (o-line) - specifically, center. I can tell those of you who have never had the chance to play on the line that we are a group of selfless guys who are a family within the family. We will almost never get any headlines, and we don’t want them. That’s not the reason we play. It’s all about being part of a unit (the o-line itself) and paving the way for victories for our team.


If I were a head coach in the NFL, I would build the gnarliest offensive line in the league, even before drafting my golden boy quarterback. If my o-line was together, nasty, and willing to spill their guts every Sunday, I could have my grandmother back there calling signals and we would still win games.


As a strength coach, I make it known that I was an ex-offensive lineman. My o-linesmen are my favorites, and they are held to a nearly impossible standard when it comes to my expectations. But at the same time, I rarely have issues with these kids. They understand better than anyone the value of lifting heavy, training their asses off, and selling out for their teams. In return, it’s my job to make the absolute best decisions I can when it comes to their programming.


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