The Critical Role of the Head and Eyes in Speed Training

Before we begin, let me qualify what I mean by speed. I’m not talking track speed. When I think of speed, I immediately think of multi-directional/change of direction speed. Most every sport I deal with needs this type of speed, rather than the traditional linear, track-type speed. An athlete’s ability to accelerate, decelerate, and accelerate again is the name of the game.


I make a promise to my teams in the off-season. I promise them they are going to out-condition and out-run all of their opponents. That means they have to not only be fast, but also uber-economical when they run.

Chris Holder comes to Breaking Muscle with over thirty years as an athlete and coach. A football player first and then spending his entire professional coaching career at the college level, Holder has been in love with everything weight lifting since he was a little boy. Holder has an incredibly diversified training background that brings a unique product to his athletes. Known in many circles as a pioneer of kettlebell training at the college level, Chris opened the door in the early 2000s to...Read more