The Coaching Manifesto: 6 Rules for Achieving Excellence

As with any career, people become coaches and trainers for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are nobler, like surviving cancer and wanting to help others. Some are more practical, like coaching as a career because you’ve always been an athlete. Some more aspirational, like seeing yourself as an entrepreneur and a small gym business as a path. Regardless of how you came to coaching, now you are one and it’s time to make yourself a good one.


coaching manifesto, coaching education, becoming better coach, coachingAs with your own training, there’s no point in coaching half-assed. There are far too many bad and mediocre trainers and coaches in the world. The following six rules aren’t easy, but they are simple. If you take them on, you will put yourself ahead of the game. You will be a better coach and, resultantly, your clients will be happier. I call this The Coaching Manifesto. I learned these rules in bits and pieces over the years. I present them to you here as a whole, because as I pieced them together it made all the difference for me.

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