The 4 Phases of a Solid Strength Program

Coaches are inundated with more videos of cool-looking, “sport-specific” exercises than they can possibly process. However, they are never given a good procedure by which to interpret, categorize, and organize their training. Randomly assorting training modalities together may make you feel like you’re working hard, but in reality, this way of training constantly wrestles against itself.


Those of you that have read my last article on programming will understand that making a great meal (workout) takes a lot more than just buying the right ingredients (exercises). If you have not read part one, I encourage you to do so, as it provides good context that this article builds upon.

Shane Trotter is the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Mansfield High School. He holds the CSCS, USAW-1, and CFT certifications. He is a fitness enthusiast who has always found passion in working out, training athletes, and programming for different goals and priorities. Through training, Shane Trotter has found an amazing vehicle to impact students. He believes strongly in living an active, healthy lifestyle and helping others take control of their lives with positive habits and goals...Read more