The 30 Second Setup: Bite-Size Preparation

Chris Holder
Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Martial Arts

Having a plan for each training session is usually taken care of through programming and periodization. But complex training programs and genius writing can only get you so far. I’ve been in the game long enough where I am confident with how I put training programs together; I know my thinking makes sense and I know I can get anyone strong. 


Where we (and I’m including myself) go wrong is when these mechanisms create an opportunity for laziness to creep in. Yes, I program a long acclimatization period, and I will spend several training sessions at the beginning of each term to teach and re-teach everything in my system. Because of the level of detail we cover, part of me thinks, they should know it now, and I allow myself to become complacent. It’s assumed your athletes listen and care as much as you do, but that is rarely the case, in reality. Herein lies the need for points of emphasis. Let me explain.


Who Coaches the Coaches?

When I was coaching up in the Bay Area, I decided to join a CrossFit gym: CrossFit Moxie. I knew both of their lead coaches, and let’s face it, I can’t coach myself. It’s nice to have someone watch me and correct my lifts from time to time. One of the things that struck me about how they conducted group classes was after the detailed warm up, lead coach Chris Michelmore would gather us together and give us a couple reminders on things that were coming up in the strength portion and the WOD that followed. And it wasn’t willy-nilly here and there; it was every class. He was meticulous to the point where you could feel the level of planning and thought that went into how he planned classes. He kept the entire room engaged in what he wanted. He was doing long-term coaching in the short term. And I can tell you, they have had one of the most successful programs in that massive area because they keep their clients healthy, focused, and moving well. 


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