The 3 Pillars of Coaching: Legacy, Mastery, and Freedom

Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning

As a trainer I get asked a lot of questions daily. Most of these revolve around whether or not someone really has to do whatever it is I have told them to do. In particular, if we’re in a fat loss phase with someone I’ll get asked constantly if there’s a way to lose weight without using my “extreme” diet (because apparently fresh vegetables and lean meat is extreme). But every now and then we get real questions. Questions like, why we have a particular type of session on a given day each week. I like those questions because it shows me my clients are starting to take more responsibility for their own fitness and are starting to piece the puzzle together.


And then, after those questions, I always get the same one. This particular question revolves around money and on my approach to training people. See, my goal is to get fired. There are no hidden secrets at Read Performance Training or nuggets of wisdom that I keep to myself. Both my staff and customers get absolutely everything I know in an effort to teach them so much that if I were to drop dead tomorrow I’d go knowing I’d done as much as I could to help them look after themselves for the rest of their lives.


pillars of coaching, coaching, andrew read, read performance trainingAnd that’s a weird way to do business because most trainers deliberately avoid giving people everything in an effort to force them to keep coming back. And the reason they avoid trying to put themselves out of business, in my opinion, is because they have no guiding philosophy when it comes to their work.


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A career as a coach or trainer is a never ending opportunity to learn, grow, and re-invent yourself.


You don’t get to pick the problems you solve because everyone who you come across is different: Different genders, ages, fitness levels, disposable time, disposable income, and almost always unsure of their commitment.


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