So, You Want to Be a Personal Trainer? Learn Your Business

After reading part one of my series on becoming a personal trainer you should hopefully be feeling a bit more secure in how to tackle the big wide world of PT. I gave you two simple rules. Rule #2 was to specialize (and actually builds onto the continuous improvement theme of Rule #1). The reason for this is simple – do you want to be able to charge specialist rates or GP rates? Do you want to be known as the source for a particular item or method or just a jack-of-all-trades type trainer? It is thoughts like this that get you to start thinking about yourself as a business, and that’s what I want to focus on in this article.


personal training, training, coaching, becoming a personal trainer, pt jobProbably the biggest problem many new trainers face is they don’t think of themselves the right way. You are not a personal trainer. You are a small business that sells personal training (or group training, boot camps, or whatever your thing is). And just like any successful small business there are things you need to come to grips with quickly or you are going to fail.

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