So, You Want to Be a Personal Trainer? Better Listen Up

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Personal training looks like such a good job from the outside. You get to wear pretty comfortable clothes all day long, hang out in the gym, and have a job that can have a massive impact on people’s lives. The hours are flexible and there is a type of training to fit nearly everyone, from outdoor bootcamp type training to CrossFit affiliation to becoming some type of strength coach in organized sports. But is it such a great job? The statistics in Australia show an industry that is hemorrhaging badly, filled with inexperienced workers and little or no control.


personal training, training, coaching, becoming a personal trainer, pt jobWith a population of just 22 million, Australia has a population of personal trainers that numbers roughly 30,000. That seems like pretty good odds and means that for every trainer in Australia there should be more than enough clients per trainer to make a decent living. But those 30,000 trainers don’t last long. In fact, we have roughly 15,000 new trainers entering the industry each year. This seems like a lot and would make you think there can’t possibly be that many jobs available for so many new people entering the work force, but the total number of trainers remains stable at around 30,000. To make matters worse, of the total amount of money spent on fitness only five percent is spent on personal training, with eighty-two percent going towards memberships at gyms.


But, the most surprising and painful statistic for me to read is always this one – in every year at least 10% of the trainers will leave to go do something else. At the fourteen-year mark there is a 90% likelihood the trainer will quit. The peak years for this exodus are from four to six, where the number jumps from just over 10% to a startling 70%.


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