How to Create a Better Outdoor Training Program Than Anybody Else

Bladen Baird
Outdoor Fitness, Rugby

Outdoor group training is becoming more and more popular, providing the client with a somewhat cheaper alternative to one-on-one personal training amongst other benefits. Today I’m going to give you an insight into the programming we use for our outdoor group-training clients here at Elevate Total Fitness. It must be stated that none of our group training clientele have aspirations to squat 500 pounds, clean and jerk at the next Olympics, or get bikini ready for the 2014 Arnold Classic. Our current client base largely consists of busy, white-collar workers looking to improve body composition and be a little more athletic.


To date we’ve had some great success without the use of traditional strength training staples like barbells, dumbbells, and multi-purpose cable machines. Below I will outline how we implement an effective outdoor strength and conditioning program without the comforts that a big box or commercial gym offers.


Provide a Program - A Great Workout Won’t Cut It


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