An Olympic Weightlifting Training Glossary: Terms All Good Coaches Must Understand

Bob Takano
Olympic Weightlifting

When coaches first begin to design training programs it is essential they understand the parameters and terminology in order to properly combine the elements of a good training program. This will not only allow them to proceed more effectively, but also to discuss the concepts with other educated coaches. 


weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, coaching olympic weightlifting, crossfitThere is a reason for standardized terminology, and that is so confusion is minimized. Many science students complain about the vast vocabulary in their disciplines, but it is there for the reason of clarity and understanding. Weightlifting is no different, and at its finest levels, the training is a topic of discussion among highly educated, science-oriented coaches. Hence, the need for standardized terminology. If you have any interest in becoming a competent weightlifting coach, you need to be literate in the lingua franca of the coaching fraternity.


To assist developing coaches, I’d like to discuss some of the pertinent terms and how they serve as concepts that need understanding in order for programming to take place:


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