A System for Maximizing the Movement Potential of Every Person


You know what sucks? A gym full of athletes moving poorly. You know what's awesome? A gym full of athletes moving well. Want to know what makes the difference between the two? Read on.


The Challenge of the CrossFit Group Class Model

The great strength of the CrossFit group class model - everyone doing the same workout, with loads and volume scaled according to ability - is also its great weakness. It's undeniable that working out in groups inspires people to work harder than they would on their own, and the shared experience creates a community that might be CrossFit's ultimate value.

Sean Manseau, CSCS, is founder of Pioneer Valley CrossFit in Hadley, Massachusetts. He has been training CrossFit since 2005, and by his best calculations, has taught a little over 8,000 classes. He earned his CrossFit Level 2 by the skin of his teeth (but on the first try) in 2009, and is a little bummed he might have to relearn the sumo deadlift high pull and the medicine ball clean to test for his L4. Before becoming an instructor of CrossFit, he has been, at various times, a janitor, a...Read more