7 Ways for New Coaches to Become Better Coaches

Many writers for Breaking Muscle are proficient coaches. Some are masters or on their way to mastery. I am honored to write among them and I read most all their articles because I am a scrub - a new coach. I feel part of my job as a new coach is to voraciously learn as much as I can, as often as I can, from a wide range of sources, and this site has been a great resource.


coaching, coaching education, becoming a better coach, coaching tipsAs luck would have it, my best and most amazing resource has been my very own home, CrossFit LA, which is one of the original ten CrossFit gyms. Owner Andy Petranek has mentored many amazing coaches and athletes including Breaking Muscle’s own Becca Borawski. I’m humbled to be tapped as the latest student under his wing. Though I have been coaching and programming for CFLA’s Prodigy Teen program for about a year, transitioning to life as an adult coach offers many more lessons.

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Danette “Dizzle” Rivera, from Santa Monica, CA, was once a salsa dancer, an ocean swimmer, a street baller. She can still beat the neighborhood in HORSE because her set shot remains bad-ass. She can bake the hell out of a pie. But nowadays she spends more time prepping raw food delights. Her husband of 14 years is very handsome and her two daughters are brilliant and funny. Dizzle will kick down mountains that get in their way. Dizzle loves coaching the CrossFit LA Prodigy Teen program . Her...Read more