4 Reasons I Can Never Run For President (And How That Makes Me A Better Coach)

george bush, president bush, politicsI have always been a political junkie. When I was fourteen years old, in 1992, I was absolutely obsessed with the Presidential elections - the fight between Bush, Sr. and Clinton. I watched political elections the way other kids watched football.


Don't get me wrong; I have my own political and philosophical ideas and ideals as anyone else has. There are causes I believe in. But I try to separate those things out from the reality of the political system, as it exists. What we have is a large game, a spectacle full of crazy characters who rarely, if ever, truly represent you and I in the truest sense.

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Nick Horton is not your average Olympic Weightlifting coach. He's been practicing Zen meditation for over a decade and applies the lessons he's learned to both his coaching and to his writing. He is of the belief that your body follows your mind. If you don't train your mind, then you're not ever going to be as physically strong as you could have been otherwise. While his first major in college was music, Nick eventually switched to mathematics and loves math for the same reasons he loves...Read more