3 Keys to Assessing the Overhead Throwing Athlete

Mickey Brueckner
Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Over the past decade there has been a significant evolution in how we train athletes, and this is apparent in the research that has been done on improving human performance. Perhaps the greatest strides throughout this period of development have come in the areas of assessing and evaluating clients and athletes.


With the popularization of modalities such as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), we have been exposed to the importance of assessing athletes in an effort to tailor individualized training programs and corrective exercise programs for athletes. Although the FMS provides a great way of applying general movement screens to any population, there is still more that can be learned per the athlete you are assessing.


Overhead Throwing Athletes

There are several physical characteristics that distinguish the overhead throwing population from other athletes, such as shoulder range of motion, scapular stability, joint laxity and proprioception. Arm injuries rarely occur from traumatic stresses. Rather they happen over a period of time as a result of the chronic repetitive stress of throwing.


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